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Legal translation services

Here are some guidelines on how to translate official documents effectively:

When it comes to translating official documents, especially legal ones, accuracy and precision are of utmost importance. Activa Translations specializes in handling various types of legal documents, including certificates, contracts, court documents (such as affidavits, decisions, verdicts, decrees, etc.), degrees, diplomas, and diploma supplements.

  1. Clarifying unclear or illegible items: If the original document contains unclear, illegible, incorrect, or wrongly typed words, phrases, or other items, the translator should make every effort to clarify their meaning. This may involve consulting with the client or seeking additional information from reliable sources. In cases where it is impossible to determine the exact meaning, the translator should indicate this in the translation and mention the ambiguity present in the original document.
  2. Handling different characteristics of documents: Personal identity documents, contracts, licenses, certificates, etc., may have specific formats, structures, or content that vary from country to country. It is crucial to maintain the same level of formality and legal terminology used in the original document while adhering to the conventions of the target language.
  3. Translating personal names and names of authorities/institutions: Personal names, names of authorities, institutions, and titles of departments require careful translation. Activa Translations ensures that these names are accurately rendered while considering cultural and linguistic conventions.

Sworn Translation

In Spain, certain official documents may require sworn translation, also known as certified or official translation. Sworn translation involves translating a document and providing a signed statement or certification by a qualified translator, affirming the accuracy and completeness of the translation. The translator must be officially recognized and authorized by the relevant authorities to provide sworn translations. Activa Translations can handle sworn translation requirements and ensure that the necessary certification is provided along with the translated documents.

It’s important to note that specific legal translation requirements can vary depending on the country and the purpose of the translation. It’s advisable to consult with Activa Translations to discuss the specific details of your project and ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards.