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Activa Translations is a market leader in providing top quality translation services. We will manage your translation projects, no matter how large or how small, offering custom-made solutions to meet your every need.

Our team of university trained translators are native speakers in their target language and highly experienced professionals with a wide range of specializations covering all types of content and formats, including technical documentation, engineering, computing, websites, marketing, art and culture, sports, tourism, construction, legal documents, banking, business, medicine and more.

We take special care to assign each translation to the most suitable specialist, who has mastery over the type of specialized language necessary in each case.


Request a quote for the translation and depending on the characteristics of the document (type, length, legal aspects…) we will estimate its total price and an estimated delivery date

In an increasingly globalized world, the need for effective communication across languages is more crucial than ever. For businesses and individuals navigating complex legal and technical landscapes, this often means turning to a reliable translation agency. Activate Translations stands out as a leading provider in this domain, offering specialized services in legal translations and technical translations.

Sworn translations have the character of an official document so they grant validity in the same way as the original document regardless of the language into which it is translated.

The translation service of legal or sworn documents is similar to the work carried out by a notary when attesting to the veracity of the document, and they are also valid to be used in judicial processes.

Translation of technical documents designed to seamlessly support the multilingual communication processes of our clients abroad.

We establish a team of experts with native translators and quality reviewers as needed for each of our projects to consistently deliver high-quality results.

Translation of academic documents

Translation of documents in the field of education, from research articles to magazines, doctoral theses or university textbooks.

Academic translation is a specialty that requires great precision, without forgetting that these are texts that are the result of years of research, so their translation requires the utmost rigor.

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