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Technical and legal document translation services

Activa Translations offers translation and interpretation services of any specialty in the main language combinations. We offer you translations that are faithful to the original language and a personalized service for each project in order to guarantee the highest quality while respecting deadlines. Our goal is to offer solutions for all sectors.

Sworn translations have the character of an official document, so they are valid in the same way as the original document, regardless of the language into which they are translated.

The service of translation of legal or sworn documents, are similar to the work performed by a notary to attest the veracity of the document, they are also valid to be used in court proceedings.

Technical document translation designed to seamlessly support our clients’ multilingual communication processes abroad.

We establish a team of experts with native translators and quality reviewers as needed for each of our projects to deliver consistently high quality results.

Translation of academic documents

Translation of documents in the field of education, from research articles to journals, doctoral theses or university textbooks.

Academic translation is a specialty that requires great precision, without forgetting that these are texts that are the result of years of research, so their translation requires the utmost rigor.


Certified translation services

Activa Translations offers translation and interpretation services in all specialty areas in the main language combinations. Based on the core values of accuracy, efficiency and personalized service, we aim to provide customized solutions for all clients, giving top quality while respecting deadlines. 

Our goal is to offer translation solutions for all sectors:

  • Business-related texts: Activate Translations specializes in translating contracts, marketing materials, and other business-related texts. Their expertise in areas like tourism, advertising, and import-export ensures that your business communicates effectively in any language.
  • Technical translations: From manuals to scientific texts, their technical translations cater to a wide range of industries including engineering and medicine. They guarantee accuracy and precision, which is critical in technical documentation.
  • Computing:Understanding the digital era, Activate Translations offers translations for user manuals, software, and websites. Their localization projects ensure that your digital content resonates with your target audience, irrespective of their language.
  • Official translations (sworn): For government procedures or legal proceedings, their official translations are performed by sworn translators. They provide the necessary seal of official translators, ensuring your documents are accepted for official purposes.
  • Legal translations: Specializing in legal translations, they handle court documentation and provide interpreters for trials. Their expertise ensures legal proceedings are accurately translated, maintaining the document’s integrity.
  • Academic texts: For professional publications in academic journals, their services guarantee that your research reaches a global audience without losing its original context.
  • Books, magazines and literary publications: Activate Translations extends its services to books, magazines, and literary publications, preserving the author’s voice and style in every translation.
  • Proofreading and correction services: Their meticulous proofreading and correction services ensure that your documents are free from errors and are linguistically sound.
  • Multi-language projects: They are adept at handling projects requiring translations into several different languages, making them a one-stop solution for multi-lingual needs.
  • Special formats: No matter the format of your document, Activate Translations can return it in the same format, translated accurately.
  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting: Their interpreting services are ideal for special events, trade fairs, and meetings, ensuring seamless communication across languages.